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Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Hands up if these are emotions you feel weekly… daily…..hourly ?! If your switches are anything like the mums I work with doubts and challenges can hit you at any time.


I have no doubt we have all felt these raw emotions more frequently than any of us admit. But just as you have learnt to nurture and care for your child there are ways to control negative emotions before losing hope or control.


Why Choose ME…

I work with new mums who have returned to work or are looking to change career to suit their new role as a mum, I offer advice on how best to start again and keep motivated in the new balancing act that parenthood creates.

mother and baby

Mother and Son

I have been there… since having my son Harlow, my time, my life my schedule has changed and continually alters around his needs. I have adapted my life and now rung three successful businesses while raising my boy and i’ve never been more level headed and calm thanks to the practices and life choices that i share with you in my programmes.


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